Junkyard Living


In the Summer of 2001, I stepped into another world: while shooting film on location in Whipple’s Junkyard, I discovered a small community of squatters living “off-the-grid” in a far corner of the 20-acre land, and feuding with the aging owners of the junkyard.

When “Alan”, the self-proclaimed leader of this community, attempted to murder the landowners and burn down the junkyard, I began a 10+ year process of documentation: accumulating countless hours of footage, interviews, history, photos and anecdotes — three generations of junkyard owners, their friends and family, their madcap antics, their incestuous relations, and their enemies.

This is their story…

This blog will take the form of random, eclectic essays, articles, anecdotes, interviews and meditations… All pulled from my extensive notes, tapes and personal experiences. There is literally no end to the stories I have to tell about the junkyard clan… each more unbelievable than the last!

Stay tuned: It’s gonna be a WILD ride…


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