Scott Christian Carr’s novel Hiram Grange & the Twelve Little Hitlers is currently available in both print and Kindle format from Shroud Publishing, Amazon.com, and a Barnes & Noble near you. Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of the Toxic Avenger) calls it, “More fun than a barrel full of Hitlers… The best novel since Don Quixote!

His latest novel Wasteland Blues (co-authored with andrew Conry-Murray) is a post-apocalyptic tale and the first book of a trilogy – it will be published in both print and ebook format on March 18, 2014 from Dog Star Books.

His other works include The Garbage Eaters, The Martian In the Garden, A Helmet Full of Hair, The Jesus Bomb, Little Edsel Einstein, Johnny, Champion Mountain: The Authorized Script Edition and the anthologies Desolate PlacesBeneath the Surface, Demonology: Grammaticus Demonium, Scary! Holiday Tales to Make You ScreamSick: An Anthology of Illness (which features an excerpt from his novel Believer) and the upcoming Terror at Miskatonic Falls. Scott’s fiction has appeared in dozens of magazines and publications, including Shroud MagazineGUDPulp EternityHorror QuarterlyThe Dream People Literary MagazineThe MUFON Journal, Weird N.J. and Withersin. His novella A Helmet Full of Hair was recently translated and reprinted in the prestigious French quarterly, Galaxies: La Revue de Référence de la Science Fiction.

Carr is an award-winning writer and producer of film/television. He is the Sr. Writer/Co-Creator of The Learning Channel (TLC) series Dead Tenants. As Head of Development for both the Emmy Award-winning Triple Threat Television and the Academy Award-nominated Fredric Golding Productions Scott developed original programming for MSNBC, ESPN, CNBC, A&E, The Hallmark Channel, Discovery Networks and The Learning Channel, before leaving to co-found his own independent production company, Brothers Carr Productions.

Scott is the creator and executive producer of the scifi film The NUKE Brothers (featured at DragonCon the World’s Largest Scifi & Fantasy Film Festival and the 2012 AnthoCon Speculative film & fiction conference.) and writer of the tie-in comic book The Continuing Adventures of Fat Man and Little Boy… He’s currently shoulder deep in  pre-production of his independent feature film The Men In the Moon, an epic, post-apocalyptic odyssey, as well as his nonfiction journalism biography Junkyard Living.

In 1999 Scott was awarded The Hunter S. Thompson Award for Outstanding Journalism, in 2006 his original television pilot The REAL Deal was awarded 1st Place in Scriptapalooza TV for Best Original Pilot, in 2009 he was a Bram Stoker Award nominee (Best Anthology, Beneath the Surface, Shroud Publishing) and he is a 2010 Choate Road “Spotlight Scribe.” He is currently pushing his latest novel Believer out into the world, and diving into his next projects: the novels [Pause], The First Time We Died, Matthew’s Memories (illustrated by Danny Evarts), and the theatre play, The Apocalypse Will Be Televised: A Reality Television Tragedy.

Scott has been a radio talk show host, editor of a flying saucer magazine, fishmonger, spelunker, journalist, TV producer, psychonaut and author. But his most satisfying and rewarding job is that of “Dad.” He lives in both Greenwich Village, NYC and in upstate NY in a home once owned by George Hansburg (inventor of the pogo stick) on a secluded mountaintop in New York’s Hudson Valley with his two children, Emmett and Eden.

He writes every day.

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