The Garbage Eaters



He goes by many names.
He’s a cult survivor, a cult junkie.
A cult leader.

The Garbage Eaters is the story of the final hours of one man’s psychotic crusade. He is the founder of Burning Bush Ministries. The corpses of his brainwashed followers litter the floor. His compound is surrounded by helicopters. The FBI is closing in.
Surrounded by a bank of satellite news-feeds, he relates the tale of his rise to power – from his dumpster diving days in San Francisco to the FBI assault on Burning Bush.

The Garbage Eaters is a hypnotic, unforgettable roller-coaster ride through a world overrun by the need to believe—from garbage-eating cults to health fetishists, tent revivals to new age UFO support groups, corporate money pyramids to sex and drug therapy schemes. Author Scott Christian Carr’s mesmerizing, punch-in-the-gut prose betrays a sincere study of cult brainwashing techniques, tent revivalism, neuro-linguistic programming and poetic grittiness.

The end is closing in. People are dying. And you will believe . . .


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